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About Us

Arun Salt Man Lotay

Affectionately known by my peers as The Salt Whisperer. I started working with Himalayan Salt after my father had a allergic reaction to Ibuprofen. That day completely changed my life.
Spending lots of time working with my passion Himalayan Salt in various ways .
Natural Health & Wellbeing, Salt Caves and Healing Centers and even with Horses.
I have travelled all around the UK educating and sharing my passion of Himalayan Salt.

The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Sole

Studies By Dr Linus Pauling, twice noble prize winner, said "you can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency". All over the world, minerals are disappearing from agricultural soils at an alarming rate.
Himalayan Salt Sole is a good source to replace your minerals & hydrate you naturally for the body to be better balanced & healing Naturally!